Organic + Eco Friendly + Sustainable + Versatile Bamboo Clothing For Living In

Welcome to Movement Global where our mission is to make luxurious, cutting edge eco clothing that can be worn from the office to the yoga mat, using sustainable fabrics, fair pay, and giving a portion of our proceeds back to charity. We strive to design stylish, functional fashion that can take us through the multi-dimensions of a day only possible in the 21st Century, all while protecting the planet we live on. At Movement, we believe that less is more, and our clothing is built to last both in construction and style. 

We Are Hiring!

Are you passionate about fashion and sustainability? We have opportunities in both our Vancouver, and Bowen Island location. Click here to find out more!

Buy Less, Wear It Longer, Wear It In More Ways

"Less is More" doesn't just mean less clothing, our clothing is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to get dressed quickly, with minimal fuss, and look great whether you are going to a meeting, travelling on a plane, or hitting a mid day yoga class.
Our mantra of sustainable, long lasting, well constructed, modular clothing = looking good, comfortably, with less, for longer.

Modular + Reversible

Each piece is either Modular, Reversible, or both! They can be worn many ways, giving you more looks with less clutter. Movement Global's clothing for men and women is perfect for travel, as an under layer for skiing, running, or kayaking, or just for a daily wear, and it is all made in Canada from the highest quality bamboo and organic cotton. Our fabric is so soft and luxurious, that many of our loyal customers have called it "vegetable cashmere". 

How To Shop At Movement Global

We have three lines based on our three main fabrics: Core, Hold, and New Fleece.

CORE: This is the staple of our line. Light enough for hot summer months, and cozy enough for the winter. Bamboo is thermally regulating, and naturally anti -microbial. 

HOLD: This fabric is a first. Thicker, four way stretch bamboo that is perfect for yoga wear because it holds your body in place while still being breathable. It also naturally sculpts you, it's great for wearing under clothing when you want extra support.

FLEECE: cozy and warm, with the added benefit of being ultra bamboo soft, and sustainable. 

Based in Vancouver BC, we can ship anywhere in North America. 

Organic + Eco Friendly + Sustainable + Versatile Bamboo Clothing For Living In


How many ways can you wear a Circle Scarf?

How many ways can you wear a Circle Scarf?

Well, we've come up with a few! Watch our video below, for a WA8 Circle Scarf tutorial.

This item is so much more than a scarf, it can turn a same colour long sleeve into a turtle neck, add a pop of colour to a muted top or outfit. Be used as sleeves for short sleeve tops, or a shawl...


October 05, 2017 by Alexandra
Movement Global modular sustainable fashion yoga wear that goes to the boardroom style. Made in Canada

What is the Movement Concept?

Our mandate from the very beginning of this company was to create clothing that would not add to the giant trash bin that is created by the fashion industry each year. To that end we created pieces that are:

  • Sustainable: we use organic cotton and bamboo, and are made in Canada to keep travel costs down
  • Classic: they never go out of "style" 
  • High quality: our clothing has a price point that is reflecting it's high quality of fabric, thread, and sewing. Some of our customers have clothing they've worn for 12 years!
  • Modular and Reversible: our line is created so that all the pieces go together and you get more looks out of each piece. 

How does the Movement Concept give me more looks?

There are so many ways to wear Movement we made FOUR short films to give you some ideas. The first two films are below.

Series One
Below is our first series showcasing:

  1. WJ4 Roma Jacket, the WT41 Kelly Drape Top and the WP12 Carmen Long Pant.
  2. WT34 Twyla Top with the WJ8 Sonia Wrap
  3. WT42 Sierra Side Pocket with the WJ8 Sonia Wrap
  4. WA8 Circle Scarf worn many ways

Series Two showcases:

  1.  WT42 Sierra Side Pocket with WSK14 Salma Slim Skirt/Dress
  2. WJ8 Sonia Wrap with WSK14 Salma Slim and matching WT40 Dani Bra
  3.  WJF3 Kira Kimono with WBF6 Vina V Top and WP10 Pietra Crop Leggings
  4. A series showcasing our WP22 Paula Reversible Leggings with: WD10 Katya Dress/Tunic, WJ11 Kat Hoodie, & WT1 Double Tank Tank
  5. WP10 Pietra Crop Leggings and the WD8 Margarita Dress.


Stay tuned for Series 3 & 4 coming soon. Like our concept? We'd love to hear what you think. Contact us with your ideas and reflections here.





October 05, 2017 by Alexandra
Movement Global fashion show showing off the Movement Concept of using your clothing in more ways

Fashion on Fourth Fashion Show This Saturday!

We have been invited to participate in the Fashion on Fourth fashion show event this week!

This is a local event designed to showcase the amazing local fashion talent in Vancouver on 4th Avenue in particular.  The promotions will be running from Thursday Sept 14th, to Sunday Sept 17th .

We will be participating in three ways...:

1)Friday September 15th from 5-7pm:

Come into our Vancouver store and get exclusive styling with the designer and owner of Movement Amrita Sondhi. Learn from the creator of Movement which Movement pieces bring out the best in you and make you look fabulous for every occasion with the Movement concept.

2)Saturday September 16th at 1pm:

Come watch our fashion show at the store, showcasing all the different ways you can use Movement to create many looks out of a few pieces. 

3)Come by the store from the 14th - 17th and get gifts and promotions!

Through the 4 day event we have the following promotions:
- Receive a free headband for every purchase over $150.
- Receive 10% back in Movement dollars for a purchase of the MOVEMENT CONCEPT: 3 or more pieces that show off our mission statement of creating more looks out of less. 

4) Are you signed up for our Newsletter?

Show us that you received our email about this event on your iPhone, and get your promotion at Either Store right away! Because of expected power outages on Bowen Island on Thursday and Friday will be closed on Bowen. 



September 11, 2017 by Alexandra