How many ways can you wear a Circle Scarf?

How many ways can you wear a Circle Scarf?

Well, we've come up with a few! Watch our video below, for a WA8 Circle Scarf tutorial.

This item is so much more than a scarf, it can turn a same colour long sleeve into a turtle neck, add a pop of colour to a muted top or outfit. Be used as sleeves for short sleeve tops, or a shawl...


October 05, 2017 — Alexandra
Movement Global modular sustainable fashion yoga wear that goes to the boardroom style. Made in Canada

What is the Movement Concept?

Our mandate from the very beginning of this company was to create clothing that would not add to the giant trash bin that is created by the fashion industry each year. To that end we created pieces that are:

  • Sustainable: we use organic cotton and bamboo, and are made in Canada to keep travel costs down
  • Classic: they never go out of "style" 
  • High quality: our clothing has a price point that is reflecting it's high quality of fabric, thread, and sewing. Some of our customers have clothing they've worn for 12 years!
  • Modular and Reversible: our line is created so that all the pieces go together and you get more looks out of each piece. 

How does the Movement Concept give me more looks?

There are so many ways to wear Movement we made FOUR short films to give you some ideas. The first two films are below.

Series One
Below is our first series showcasing:

  1. WJ4 Roma Jacket, the WT41 Kelly Drape Top and the WP12 Carmen Long Pant.
  2. WT34 Twyla Top with the WJ8 Sonia Wrap
  3. WT42 Sierra Side Pocket with the WJ8 Sonia Wrap
  4. WA8 Circle Scarf worn many ways

Series Two showcases:

  1.  WT42 Sierra Side Pocket with WSK14 Salma Slim Skirt/Dress
  2. WJ8 Sonia Wrap with WSK14 Salma Slim and matching WT40 Dani Bra
  3.  WJF3 Kira Kimono with WBF6 Vina V Top and WP10 Pietra Crop Leggings
  4. A series showcasing our WP22 Paula Reversible Leggings with: WD10 Katya Dress/Tunic, WJ11 Kat Hoodie, & WT1 Double Tank Tank
  5. WP10 Pietra Crop Leggings and the WD8 Margarita Dress.


Stay tuned for Series 3 & 4 coming soon. Like our concept? We'd love to hear what you think. Contact us with your ideas and reflections here.





October 05, 2017 — Alexandra
Movement Global fashion show showing off the Movement Concept of using your clothing in more ways

Fashion on Fourth Fashion Show This Saturday!

We have been invited to participate in the Fashion on Fourth fashion show event this week!

This is a local event designed to showcase the amazing local fashion talent in Vancouver on 4th Avenue in particular.  The promotions will be running from Thursday Sept 14th, to Sunday Sept 17th .

We will be participating in three ways...:

1)Friday September 15th from 5-7pm:

Come into our Vancouver store and get exclusive styling with the designer and owner of Movement Amrita Sondhi. Learn from the creator of Movement which Movement pieces bring out the best in you and make you look fabulous for every occasion with the Movement concept.

2)Saturday September 16th at 1pm:

Come watch our fashion show at the store, showcasing all the different ways you can use Movement to create many looks out of a few pieces. 

3)Come by the store from the 14th - 17th and get gifts and promotions!

Through the 4 day event we have the following promotions:
- Receive a free headband for every purchase over $150.
- Receive 10% back in Movement dollars for a purchase of the MOVEMENT CONCEPT: 3 or more pieces that show off our mission statement of creating more looks out of less. 

4) Are you signed up for our Newsletter?

Show us that you received our email about this event on your iPhone, and get your promotion at Either Store right away! Because of expected power outages on Bowen Island on Thursday and Friday will be closed on Bowen. 



September 11, 2017 — Alexandra

Our Winners from the 3rd Anniversary Draw!

What a great day we had in Kits and on Bowen Island celebrating three years in our Vancouver store. We had a number of amazing long term clients as well as some new ones come by and enter our draw, and we have four winners from that day.

Grand Prize of $150

Our grand prize of $150 in store credit goes to a wonderful couple Rindi Velker and her partner. 

Rindi's partner looks amazing in our Reversible two-colour WMT3 Hanson Hoodie in Charcoal and Black with our WMP3 Jessie Pant cropped and tied up into shorts.  These two pieces have four distinct looks.

Mens Organic Sustainable Clothing Made In Canada

Rindi bought our WP15 Flori Capri in black, and our classic Charcoal Mix WT12 Gina Cowl which she is wearing below reversed upside down as a shorter cowl shirt.

Contest winner in Organic cotton and bamboo capris shorts made in canada

Rindi also bought our WJF3 Kira Kimono in Chocolate Mix.

Congratulations to you both, we are glad you love your Movement clothing.

Second Prize of $100

Our second prize goes to Stephanie van Willigenburg. Stephanie wasn't able to attend on Saturday, but we filled out a draw form for her based on her photo and testimonial. Here is what she had to say:

I just wanted to congratulate you on your 3rd year in Kits - I am sorry I wasn't able to be there, but my Movement clothing has been close to me all summer!

In particular I wanted to send you a photo of the Joni dress in action. I wore it to accept the Kreiger-Nelson prize, which is the national prize for  " outstanding research by a female mathematician"

Thanks for creating such wonderful clothing!
All the best,

Stephanie accepting a prestigious math award in Movement Global sustainable organic cotton and bamboo dress

Thank you Steph! You look amazing in our WD22 Joni Dress in black. 

Third Prizes (2) of $50 each

Both Jane Ritchie and Kat Gracie are getting $50 certificates. 

Jane said:

Love these clothes - I can layer and switch them out anytime depending on my activities ( work/yoga/etc), and all the colors are fantastic AND they are so comfy. Love them!

 And Kat said:

Over the last few years I've made an effort to purchase from companies who reflect my desire for ethically sourced, fashionable, comfortable, and practical items. I was happy to find those qualities and shop locally (heart). 

Thank you everyone who came by to help us celebrate, and congratulations to the winners.



August 31, 2017 — Alexandra
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Come celebrate our 3rd Anniversary in Kits!

Come celebrate our 3rd Anniversary in Kits!

Another amazing year has passed since we opened our doors in Vancouver. 

Running Movement Global for the past 12 years has been incredibly challenging, but also so rewarding.

We’ve worked our buts off, but we get love letters every single day for how satisfied our customers are. They come in and give us rave reviews…

Time and again, we hear about just how well made and long lasting our clothing is.

Our customers tell us that if they look at times-per-wear it’s the best value they’ve had of any clothing. This was one of the main principles behind Movement, to create local, sustainable clothing. Where sustainable doesn't just mean the FABRIC content, it also means classic styles that don't go out of fashion, and longevity of wear.

Young girl in Movement Global Vancouver Store wearing sutainable modular dress in green, and wrap in white

Our wonderful model Robyn Wescott above is wearing our best-selling WJ8 Sonia Wrap.

I’ve just heard the most rewarding things. We just get such wonderful response from our incredible customers, that it makes it all worth it.

With that in mind, we would like to thank you all for another year!

Please join us in celebrating at Movement!

This Saturday, August 19th we will be offering light snacks, and a chance to win up to $150 in store wide raffle give-away at both our Bowen and Vancouver locations. Every purchase made in either store will give you a chance to win one of our in-store give aways. 

August 17, 2017 — Alexandra
Khats Days  Fashion Show Pictures and Video

Khats Days Fashion Show Pictures and Video

We had another amazing Khatsalano Days street festival! We once again participated in Khats Days fashion show event, showcasing some of our favourite modular styles.

Here's what the models wore

Our female models were showcasing the four ways you can wear our SK6 Hannah Skirt in reversible Black and Chanterelle.

1) As a skirt with the T34 Twyla Top in Red,  SK6 Hannah Skirt (Black/Fungi), Fungi side out with waist band folded over to create a two-tone "belt" look.

Movement Global sustainable fashion Beige and Black reversible skirt with red top on a black model

2) SK6 Hannah Skirt reversed with black side out and worn longer, paired with J8 Sonia Wrap.This skirt can also be worn with any of our tees and tops to create numerous  modular "dress" looks when you chose the same colour, or top and skirt looks if you choose other colours.

Sustainable Vancouver Fashion Red top and black reversible skirt in Bamboo on white model

3) SK6 Hannah Skirt With our T20 Tami Cami as a spaghetti strap dress, (this can also be worn with any of our bras to create a supported spaghetti or modular v-neck dress).

4) SK6 Hannah Skirt as a glamorous strapless dress with black side out.

Sustainable  Black reversible modular skirt worn as a strapless dress

Our 1st Male Model showed off our Reversible MT4 Richard Long Sleeve in Forest/Charcoal with the charcoal side out worn with the MP3 Gordo Crop Pant in black.

Mens sustainable vancouver made fashion in bamboo model wears a grey reversible top and black shorts

The second male model shows off the same MT4 Richard Long Sleeve with Forest side out, and our MP3 Jessie Pant in charcoal. These pants have hidden ties, and can be worn tied or not, for a cinched look.They can also be cinched and pulled up as long shorts. 

Made in Canada sustainable men's clothing male model wearing a reversible long sleeve and grey pants





July 27, 2017 — Alexandra
Come join the fun at the Khatsahlano Street Party!

Come join the fun at the Khatsahlano Street Party!

This will be our third year participating in Vancouver's largest Free Music and Arts festival. On Saturday July 8th starting at 9am, West 4th becomes pedestrian only, and the streets are full of music and fun.

Promos, Discounts and More:

Come to our store, and pick a coupon for discounts and prizes that range from 5$ off, to items of clothing! Every hour we will be giving a promotion on a different item, so check in during the day to see if one of your favourite pieces is being promoted at that time!

Movement Fashion Show

We will once again be participating in the Fashion show put on at the West 4th Living Stage, at 4th and Yew. This year we will be showcasing four styles in one, with one of our classic Modular Reversible looks. Check out the Fashion Stage at 4th and Yew, or drop by to find out the exact time.

For more information please go to the Khatsahlano Street Party Website. If you would like more information about Fashion Show times, or give aways and coupons, please contact us.

Bowen is sharing in the fun!

Can't make it to Vancouver? Our store on Bowen will be having the same promotional fun this Saturday so you won't miss out! Stop by either store during the day to "fish for coupons" and see what Movement Classic we are promoting at that time!

We will be open on July 9th from 9am-9pm. See you there!

June 28, 2017 — Alexandra
Travel with Movement! Three great tips for stress free packing

Travel with Movement! Three great tips for stress free packing

Time and again we are told by our clients that our clothing is the first thing that winds up in their suitcase whether going on a business trip or travel vacation. That's because we've done all the hard work for you! Every season we design clothing that fits with classics from years before. We carefully choose colour palettes that go together, and styles that fit modularly or reversibly to create a number of different looks with the least amount of packing. 

I wanted to write and tell you that I was recently packing for a weekend away. I was making a concerted effort to pack as lightly as possible. Once I made my selections and got everything in the bag I realized that every single piece, with the exception of the underwear and one pair of socks, was from your store. Even the bra is yours! I didn't plan it consciously but that’s how it came together when tasked with packing light and for versatility. It was a quick and easy process and I was able to mix, match and layer in such a way that I was comfortable all weekend. 
I dislike clothes shopping so much—I clearly did not receive that gene. I feel like I’m terrible at picking out beautiful and multifunctional pieces that will be long-lasting favourites, but I love shopping at your store. Not only are your staff are incredibly helpful but the modular nature of your clothing really does make it easy to put together some beautiful looks effortlessly. 
Your staff and your clothing have really simplified that part of my life, so thank you! Christina Vancouver BC

Three Great Tips for Packing Light This Summer!

1) Colour Blocking

Colour blocking can be a great way to create easy mix and match silhouettes that you can make pop with a bright scarf or your own unique jewelry. Create a one colour silhouette that can then act as a canvas for unique pieces that take up less room in your bag. All of your outfit can then also be worn with different items in your bag to mix and match. Colour blocking is also a great way to slim down a profile, and creates a modern urban look. Model below is wearing a WT56 Single Take Tank reversed back to front for a high neck, WJ8 Sonia Wrap, and WP19 Nyla Gaucho all in Charmix, creating a three-season outfit and numerous looks with three items.

Modular, sustainable bamboo clothing in grey on an older model


Our Modular items are pieces that transform into more than one style: from a skirt to a dress, from a shirt, to sleeves etc...Some of our modular items can also be used to create entirely different pieces when combined together. Modular items can be used separately or together to create a number of looks.

The three examples below are of our WSK6 Hannah Skirt worn as a dress with a WSH1 Shrug (below).


Worn as a Sleeveless V-Neck Dress with a WT31 Sona Bra below. This skirt also looks amazing with our WT10 Stephanie Tee, or any of our other Tops.


Everyone of our REVERSIBLE items is designed with a BASE colour that blends, and a pop colour for pizazz. Base colours are to make sure that our reversible items can be used as a staple piece in your closet, but still giving you some creativity for days when you feel like getting your colour on! For instance in Hannah Skirts above, the base colour is black. REVERSIBLE items give you an amazing amount of options when traveling, and the double layer ads warmth in the winter, and an extra layer for soaking up sweat in the summer thus leaving you always looking cool. REVERSIBLE items can also be reversed back to front, creating distinctly different looks depending on how you feel.

Our model below is wearing a WT1 Double Take Tank, and a WSK10 Pia Pencil REVERSIBLE skirt for an all light pink, or all grey dress, reversible scoop neck, or Jacki O style tank, strapless shirt dress or top, and any variation in between!

We are ALL busy in this modern lifestyle; who has time to feel stressed about what they are wearing?!

Remember we make small batch local style runs, so give us a call, check out our website, or come in to see us on Bowen Island, or on 4th Avenue in Kits  and get your travel wardrobe for the summer today!


June 26, 2017 — Alexandra
Man with hands in prayer in a shirt by eco clothing company Movement Global.

Two things we can do right now to save the environment

This past Monday, June 5th, was World Environmental Day. Here at Movement we believe that every day is environmental day, that is why we have dedicated ourselves to creating clothing that has a sustainable future.

While big business remains one of the biggest culprits in environmental destruction, it's our impact as individuals that we can not only control, but may have the most far reaching effects as far as how we can turn things around.

Saving the environment can seem like an overwhelming task, but on a personal basis it's the little things we do daily that can have the most impact on the environment. Award winning writer Amanda Euringer -  whose series on toxins in the workplace was nominated for a National Magazine Award - outlines two simple changes we can make that will have a big impact on the environment.

1)Vote with your wallet. 

This is possibly the easiest way we have as individuals to change the world around us. Paying attention to what we support with our money can turn the tide of companies and products that are wasteful or have a heavy toxic load. Pay attention to who and what you are supporting every time you take out your wallet. Money really does shape our world. Take a little time to look into the companies you are supporting: do they have a mission statement that they stand behind? Do they give back? Are they trying to operate in the greenest way possible?

The image below shows one of the micro loans that Movement Global has contributed to via the Pamoja Foundation

Image of micro line contributions

2) Use less

In her series on Toxics: Your Right To Know, Ms. Euringer discovered that one of the major culprits in the toxic load on our environment was overuse. Scott Stove, who was the manager of facilities services for Burnaby School District 41, noticed that by freehand pouring cleaning supplies into buckets, most people ( including himself) were far exceeding the recommended amount suggested on the labels. Simply by putting single use pumps heads on all their cleaning supplies, the maintenance department for the school district of Burnaby managed to cut the amount of toxins going into their environment by over 2/3's - and they saved money. Lots of money.

Many of us free pour products like shampoo, dish soap, and cleaning supplies without ever reading a label. Using less doesn't just mean using your car less, it also means using less of everything you buy, especially cleaning supplies, but also clothing. Even the greenest clothing has an impact on the environment. Everything we make and use affects the world around us. Less not more means making sure that you are using the least amount necessary, and maybe spending a little more for something that will last longer.

What is Movement Global doing to save the environment?

When this company was started over a decade ago, Amrita Sondhi had a vision of total sustainability in mind. She wanted a company that produced clothing that was the greenest possible, and that would give back to the world on a social level as well.

Girl in reversible back to front Sonoka Tank from Movement Global

One tank, four looks. Our WT3 Sonoka Tank can be worn back to front, with crossover or straight straps, and paired with any of our wraps for a multitude of looks. 

Girl in reversible back to front Sonoka Tank and wrap from Movement Global

  • Less not more is our motto: we make clothing that has lasted up to a decade and beyond! By sourcing the highest quality fabric available, and using high quality thread, our clothing stands the test of time. 
  • Modular means each piece does more: You don't need two pairs of pants if one pair can be worn two ways. This is the same process we apply to each piece in our line. They either are reversible ( sometimes in several ways), multi-style, or have been designed to create other styles with our line.
  • We offset our environmental impact on a social level. By giving back with the Pamoja foundation, we are helping those in the poorest countries create sustainable businesses for themselves. Poverty also has a direct impact on the environment , and not the least because it lessens the choices that people can make with their wallets. 

While cleaning up big business is a good long term goal, ultimately we have the power  to change our environment simply by using our wallets to hold businesses accountable, and by choosing to change how we consume products in the first place. 


June 08, 2017 — Amanda Euringer
Spring Colours and Styles for Mothers Day!

Spring Colours and Styles for Mothers Day!

Everything's coming up Movement with our favourite styles and new colour mixes for Spring.

This Mother's Day why not treat yourself ( or another mother in your life) to a special sustainable comfortable new look in the planet's best vegetable cashmere?

Not sure what to choose? We have Gift Certificates!

The perfect way to say I love you Mom.

One Skirt = So many looks

Alexandra is showing the versatility of our Hannah Skirt in Forest Mix and Fungi. Below she wears this with our Kelly Drape in matching Fungi with the Forest Mix on the inside to create a gorgeous cowl necked dress.

Hanna Skirt in Fungi and Forest in Organic Cotton and Bamboo made in Vancouver, made in Canada

Below Alexandra is wearing the Hannah Skirt with the Forest Mix side out, and our best-selling Stephanie Tee in matching Forest Mix for a curvy v-neck tee dress.

Hanna Skirt in forest with forest green tee Organic Cotton and Bamboo made in Vancouver, made in Canada

The Hannah Skirt can also be worn on it's own as a sleeveless dress - and we designed it so that it actually stays up! Or paired with our J8 Sonia Wrap for a long sleeved dress for cooler nights.

Two classic looks in Carmen Long Pants

Our  P12 Carmen Long pants are two-tone reversible, flattering for all body types, and as comfortable as your favourite pyjamas. Below Alexandra is wearing the Carmen Long in Black and Charcoal with a pop of colour from our Belinda Ballet reversed with the low neck in the back in Navy. We love Navy for Spring!

Girl standing against a wall wearing Carmen Long Pants in organic cotton and bamboo by Movement Global

Girl wearing Belinda Ballet in Navy, with Carmen Long pants in Charcoal

And here is the same pair of pants reversed with the Black side out and our classic Stephanie Tee in Charcoal.

Girl wearing Stephanie Tee in Charcoal with reversible Carmen Long Pants in black, made in Canada



May 10, 2017 — Alexandra